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Reclaiming our Bodies and Our Births

The Birth Justice Movement

Alabama Birth Justice stands to raise awareness of the disservices propagated against birthing people in the state of Alabama. The maternal health outcomes for the state of Alabama are abysmal, ranking third worst in a country that is ranked amongst the worst in regard to outcomes for developed nations.


These poor outcomes affect marginalized communities at disproportionate rates.

A Portal for Reproductive Healing

Alabama needs accessible, affordable maternity care. Birth centers are portals for reproductive healing and the trust between a midwife and a birthing woman is sacred. The midwifery care model mends emotional wounds, removes barriers and reinstates autonomy previously lost due to a systemic dedication to obstetric violence and trauma seen in hospital facilities throughout the state. This is exactly why the Alabama Birth Justice initiative is committed to protecting it. 


We are here to remind officials of the inherent privilege a birthing person has to bodily autonomy. 

The Ripple Effect

Alabama Birth Justice stands to raise awareness of the disservice this antiquated system has been and will be for women of reproductive age, BIPOC women, the LGBTQIA community, trauma survivors, and cisgender women who desire to birth outside of the hospital setting.


We seek to support equitable, accessible, and affordable midwifery care to birthing people across the State of Alabama and aspire to provoke change and refocus the conversation at the decision-maker's table. We urge the individuals and organizations in power to shift their position from control to reform, advocacy, and support.

This fight affects all of us, and will undoubtedly have a ripple effect on Alabamians at large for generations to come.

Contact Us

401 Tuscaloosa Ave., Suite 100

Birmingham, AL 35211

(205) 291-3058

Meet the Founder

A Birmingham, Alabama native, Heather Skanes, MD, (she/her) is a compassionate, patient-centered obstetrician and gynecologist who is proud to serve her community through her work at Oasis Women’s Health.


Dr. Skanes is dedicated to uplifting all womxn and tirelessly advocates for birth justice.  As a health care provider at a Black-owned and operated practice, Dr. Skanes is an avid participant in the movement to protect and celebrate Black Lives and strongly believes that when Black women are protected, all women will be protected.

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